SIMKOL electrical automation software was founded in 2000 and is continuing its activities since its establishment Ostim a dynamic and innovative automation company.

The main activity of the electrical and electronics machinery and software SIMKOL AUTOMATION

Service on the basis of our understanding, our clients achieve their goal in the way of the belief that they need a business partner solutions provide the appropriate time and manner of innovative and continuous learning organization yatmaktadır.Buradan movement by keeping our clients' confidence in the continuity of identity in order to provide a dynamic customer-focused operating principles are moving to.


In our age, a dazzling reflection of the rapidly growing technological developments in our field to you as soon as possible and transferring the universal form, itself, employees and the community to produce new values ​​for the constant. The company provides products and services related to human health because of the direct terms, the process of change within the sector, closely following the trends and technological developments, aims to be ahead.


This is in line with objectives;

• Our field of activity related to the products, innovations and technological developments as a priority in our country brought in line with international standards

• verimlilişine value-added products sold in our country, to be a reliable company with social responsibility


• A balanced and robust growth


• Service quality, accuracy and stability to provide service.

The most preferred solution, and the quality is the first company that comes to mind.




AUTOMATION SIMKOL the mission, on a sectoral basis for the innovative approaches to problems encountered and karşılaşıabilecek, quality of service with the knowledge and the solution is to produce and in demand.

Quality Policy; human resources, improving customer satisfaction consistently, stable, effective and efficient working, quality products and services offered, to be a reliable and continuous.
With the aim of achieving our goal;
Customer Satisfaction is top priority by focusing on customer needs and desires one step beyond the expectations of the most important principle is to serve the customer.
For a stable growth and a strong financial structure of the most important asset is the employees.
continuous improvement in service quality by giving priority to continually get better with each passing day and increase the common goal of our team.
Always better to be caught with the belief measure and improve quality continuously.